Saturday, June 16, 2012

Not a good start

Dizzy last night that is still here today.
Not sure what set it off either. I felt totally fine and then at around 8:30-9, I suddenly felt dizzy. Been drinking a lot of water, but it doesn't do much.
Ate something and that seemed to help a little, but not much.
My BP feels fine too so it's not b/c of a sudden high BP issue or anything. *shrugs*
Zoe is moving as usual too so.. yeah, I dunno what's going on.
I hope this feeling goes away soon though. I hate feeling so off.
Going to chug down as much water as I can today. Snack a lot too on some almonds to see if that helps.

OH on a good note... my stuffy nose isn't nearly as bad. YAY! I can actually breath through my nose most of the time now. When I lay down it stuffs up a little so I have to mouth breath some, but for the most part, breathing through my nose is ok.
SO frickin happy about that. Was worried that I'd be stuffed up until the end.

Sugar this morning was 100. BLEH.
So yeah... maybe the peanut butter didn't work. I dunno. Gonna keep trying though. Maybe something will work. I'm good if I do have to go on some sort of med though. Not the end of the world and it will just be another med to add to my growing list.

Grrr, DH did the bills and saw that I spent money at Target. I think he thinks that I bought baby clothes (which I did), but $50 worth? Pfft. I'm sure he knows I bought him something too.
Oh well.

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