Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wide awake

It's 5:20 at the moment and I've been up since hmm... 3?
Tried getting back to sleep but have an upset stomach again. NOTHING like it was the other day thank goodness.
This is just standard upset stomach territory here.

I don't know why the heck I'm craving spicy food b/c my body can not handle it.
Ate some of these spicy peppers I bought from the Korean store last night and I've been paying for it since an hour after I ate them.
That's what is causing my upset stomach now. I THINK it has all been evicted out of my body b/c I'm feeling a bit better and don't have the urge to go any longer. May try getting back to sleep soon now that I can actually get somewhat comfy again.

We went looking at recliners yesterday at Rooms to Go.
MAN do I hate going in to furniture stores. Frickin sales people are too damn pushy and just make you feel so awkward being followed around and watched like a hawk.
I understand they work on commission which has got to suck, but give potential customers some damn room!! No one wants to feel like they have someone breathing down their necks! Especially when it comes to making a BIG expensive purchase!

Anyway, we did find one that we like. We're just debating on it along with some other stuff right now.

The coworker of DH's that is giving us the bassinet also has a bouncer and a small swing that I guess she wants to part with. Not sure if these 2 other things will be for free, but hell.... discount whatever.. I'll take it.
The less we have to spend, the better!!
Sparkly new stuff is always awesome, but not when you have SO many other things you need to buy.

I'll get photos of the baby loot we bought yesterday along with some stuff that MiL gave us last week. Need to wash that stuff first.

Anywho... gonna try to get back to sleep before the pets start to wake up.

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