Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's so HOT!!!!

Summer sucks.... suckity suck suck SUCKS!!!!

It's been hotter here lately and you can def feel it in the house.
The AC is on constantly, fans are all on but you can still feel the temp difference. I hate the summer so much.
I don't know how anyone could love hot weather. BLEH!!!!!!
It took me FOREVER last night to get to sleep b/c I was so damn hot.

Took my bp one more time yesterday, and it was still a lot lower than it is at the doc's office.
It was 117/68.
So either my BP monitor sucks and it's totally off and not accurate, or I do get worked up at the doctor's office.
I'll point it out when I see the OB on Monday.
I thought maybe it could be an accuracy thing, but with the nurse that came here getting the same results as I'm getting now, AND she checked my pulse w/ her fingers as well and got the same results...
It makes me feel A LOT better about my BP. Just wish I could calm my nerves enough to get these results in the doctor's office.

I'm not super hormonal/emotional or anything, but I can tell that I'm quicker to cry though.
We started watching Man, Woman, Wild on netflix the other day.
There's an episode where they're on a tropical island. They're scavenging for food and notice this white bird that lays their egg right on the branch of trees... no nest.
Well that's easy pickings for the 2 people and OMG it upset me so much.
Thinking about the poor momma bird losing her egg and then these 2 idiots eating them when they didn't have to. And one of them contained an almost fully developed baby bird.
Hell, even thinking about it now is making me teary eyed and wanting to cry.

And then yesterday, I started watching videos on taking care of newborns and good lord... seeing those cute little newborns made me burst in to tears.
I also watched a couple of birth videos and as soon as the baby is out... flood gates were open.

Other than the baby bird thing... just glad I can cry in an empty house b/c DH would totally look at me like I was crazy if he saw me crying at all of the things that set off the water works.

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