Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lets count.... (OT ranting)

... how many times we almost got seriously injured or died today shall we?

Well first... it's like every idiot that can't drive was out today. Awesome....
We were out looking for nursery stuff, just basically window shopping mostly.
We came home to get the truck b/c my brother needed help picking up a dresser they bought.
On the way there.... the road that leads out of our neighborhood area and on to the main road is just a 2 lane road. One lane goes one way, the other the other way... ya know what I mean.
Solid lines for both sides the entire length of the road b/c there are homes and blind turns on the road.
Well some MORON didn't like that fact and was apparently pissed off that the person in front of him was going the speed limit, so what do they do? Decide to wait until that one of the blind turns to pass.. and yep.. we were coming straight in to them. We didn't see them until just the last frickin minute and they swirved in to the other lane just at the last frickin second.

Oh it doesn't end there.... It's like DH and I were invisible to people trying to change lanes. NM that we're in a nice big ORANGE colored truck.
Multiple people tried to get in to our lane... when they were right next to us. Basically dumbasses that weren't checking their blind spots or hell, not even bothering to look over in to their mirrors at all before trying to get over. That occured I think 3 different times today.

THEN finally on our way home after being out almost the entire day... this wouldn't have injured us but still... people are DUMBASSES.
For some damn people, in our neighborhood.... people enjoy walking right smack dab in the middle of the road and then don't bother to pay attention for traffic.
So we're going down the road... AT the speed limit which is 25mph.
We see a guy and a small child in one of those kiddy cars moving right in the middle of the road. Dad or whoever the hell he is has his nose right in his phone not paying attention.
We obviously slow down b/c the guy doesn't fricking notice us inching forward until yep... the last damn minute. He pulls the car over w/ the kid in it, and then has the fucking nerve to say as we pass "You need to slow your ass down."
Really you dumbass??? So WE have to slow down even more because YOUR dumbass is too fucking stupid to pay attention to your surroundings when you and your child are playing in the middle of the road???? How about getting off your damn phone and playing with your kid? Or how about at least paying a little bit of attention when you decide it's a BRILLIANT idea to play in the street??

He better be glad I wasn't driving b/c I wouldn't given him an ear full. Oh I was NOT happy and I yelled out "Dumbass" out the window. Not a shining moment but it sure as hell felt good to say after the numerous close encounters we had today.

Just UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH... why are people such IDIOTS??? And not just idiots but inconsiderate ASSHOLES.

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Anonymous said...

OMG, I hate stuff like that! It pisses me off to no end! Sometimes I get a little bit of road rage, lol :-) It's funny you wrote about idiots because last night I saw 3 girls riding on the hood of a freaking car down my street!!! I wanted to scream at them! lol