Monday, June 25, 2012

Twice a week

So, had another doc appointment today and learned that I'm now going to have to come in TWICE a week. Good lord lol.
BUT good thing... one of the appointments (Mondays) is for an ultrasound to check the baby! So that's a very big plus lol.
The other appointment (thursdays) is for a NST... non stress test. Had to look it up because I didn't know what was done with that.
Basically they strap those belt things to my bump to check the baby for about 20-30mins.
So yep.... I start that next Monday up until the day I deliver. YIKES, but whatever it takes.

Also, got put on Glyburide b/c of my fasting numbers. I have to eat a snack and then take 1 pill before bed. Not too bad. Hopefully it works.
Got scolded for not taking my sugar levels 4x a day too :P lol
I only LOL b/c I felt like I was back in school or being scolded by a parent. So yeah, even though I don't want to, gonna start checking that again 4x a day. Or well... 3x most days since I rarely eat breakfast.

Erm what else..... I had my BP taken twice. First time it was frickin 150/80. Cue the freakout!
After talking to the doc, got it taken again and thankfully it had dropped to 120something over erm... something 70something I think, I can't remember.
PHEW!!! Was frickin scared that it had gone up again. I wasn't feeling anxious or anything, but I guess that doesn't matter b/c it was up there!

Uh I think that was it. The major news being the twice a week monitoring now. I mean it sucks that I'm gonna have to go out there that much... gonna be like my fert treatment every other day appointments sorta lol, but as I said.... get to see the LO weekly until she's here so that's awesome :)

Pics!!! Lots of them!

Bought this and something else that I can't remember when I got DH t-shirts for father's day.

We got this from Toys R Us this weekend when we went to go get another lightsaber for the wall. It was another 40% off of the clearance stuff and yeah, this thing was too cute to pass up! She's gonna be an adorable warm pink teddybear when it gets cold!
And the hats we got b/c she's probably gonna need something for when we leave the hospital. It's middle of summer and more than likely gonna be bright and sunny. Frickin LOOOOOVE the darker purple one!

A few things MiL bought for Zoe at a flea market. The striped blanket... just no. It feels like a really old bad cheap kitchen wash cloth. It's rough as hell and yeah... baby is NOT using it. I'm sure it was all bought in a bundle b/c I know she wouldn't have gotten it otherwise.

And we bought these today. MiL keeps going on and on about Kohl's having cute baby clothes. So of course I wanted to go look.
Verdict... yes... yes they absolutely frickin do have ADORABLE baby clothes!!!
Even DH, the one that says we're not buying anymore picked out 2 things lol. I'm tellin ya, he's just as bad as I am even though he'll never admit to it.

I picked these 2 out

And DH picked out these 2
Well, the Pooh one came w/ 2 onesies

They had SOOOOOOOOOOO many adorable ADORABLE clothes. Screw Macy's.... I'm gonna go to Kohl's when I want to buy a baby dress *nodnod*

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