Thursday, June 14, 2012

Good and meh

So just got back from my appointment.
It was good to see the LO again, not complaining about that, BUT the quality of the images we got to see were just... meh.. not impressive which is a bit disappointing.
I wasn't expecting super awesome 3D quality stuff, but it would've been nice to get something a bit better than we did.

Anyway... here are some face shots.

Profile view
It looked like she was sucking on her fingers or something. And baby girl has a BIG forehead! lol I think it's just the shadows or something but still heh.

And a face shot. The upper part of her face is in shadow

Heh, so cute. It looks like she has a big mouth lips. I'm sure it's probably just b/c she's squished in there, but if not... dunno where she would get that from. Certainly not me or DH :P lol

Everything looked good though. Amniotic fluids looked good. She's head down which I figured as much.
Erm... her little thigh bones are measuring right on track and she weighs in at 4lbs :)
Gosh.. 4lbs!!! There is a little 4lb baby in there..... so weird and cool.

OH and the u/s tech said that she's bald, or well, not bald, but she could only see a few wisps of hair hehe. So we're gonna have a cute little slightly fuzzy headed baby.
And speaking of her head.... while her body seemed to measure on time, her head was measuring 2 weeks ahead!! O_O
I do have a pretty big head so I guess she's gonna get that from me, but still.... my ladybits are already protesting!

I asked the OB about going back on metformin after giving birth and she said that after 4-6w when my hormones have stopped going wonky, then that's usually when they say it's ok.

I also asked about being induced. She said that they don't induce before 39w unless it's medically needed.
But if I want to be induced then 39w would be the earliest and would be a possibility.


Shari said...

Awwe so cute! We did 3 elective u/s and they were great! She was always stingy about showing her face though.

Being induced is great for planning but pitocin The epidural is heavenly ;)

Melody said...

Ugh. I would NOT want to be induced again. That labour was the worst thing ever!!!! I actually old my husband I wanted to die! And at the time I wasn't being dramatic (obviously now I realize that was stupid). Wait until your past 41 weeks tho I know it's tough but try and go into labour naturally

lisabttc said...

Awww she's so cute!! Wow, I can't believe there's a 4 pound human in your belly either! haha! So glad everything's looking good! :-)