Thursday, June 28, 2012


Why does this topic get SO heated??

And it's usually from the anti-circ crowd that starts this shit too. The ones that want to throw out words like "torture" to describe it.

If you don't want to do it, FRICKIN AWESOME.... then don't do it to your baby! Seriously... no one cares except for you!
But don't you fucking dare tell parents that choose to get it done to their little men that they're torturing their baby. That it's immoral or blahblahhighhorseblah.

Just please.... SHUT UP.
YOUR way is not the only way!
YOUR way is not the RIGHT way.
YOUR way is YOUR way, NOT everyone elses!!!!!


Melody said...

Ya I agree I circed my son and man with the response I got it was like I hung him out the window of a moving car.
It was my choice and I have met a lot of guys who (were clearly dirty kids) but had to be circed when they were older and it was a big painful surgery.
My choice is my own. Just like I co-bed and cloth diaper, breastfeed and am vegan and will raise my son vegan. THESE ARE MY CHOICES!!!

LisaL said...

*nodnod* Exactly.
I swear people act like their way is the ONLY way and everyone else should be doing it exactly like them and that just pisses me off so damn much. As if there's only one way to raise a child.
People act like getting a boy circ'd is equivalent to abuse. Seriously??? Just UGH, I want to punch SO many people in the face lol.

~Rian said...

Good post! ugh...some people are so stupid! I had my son circumcised. My main reason were because my husband is. I would rather do it now when he can't remember it instead of later him having problems and having it done when he will remember it. Everyone has an opinion about everything; I just wish people would learn to share their opinions in a different way instead of jumping down each other's throats.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've noticed that a lot of people who are agreeing with you have chosen to circumcise their children. While I disagree with ramming your views down someone's throat, I think that the reason people have such strong opinions about this one is that baby boys cannot speak for themselves. Personally, circumcision makes me sick. That anyone would put their child through pain and potential side effects (there have been children who had their penises accidentally cut off during the procedure) so that baby's penis match Daddy's is absolutely beyond my comprehension. People are up in arms about parents who abuse their kids, or don't use carseats, because those are more glaringly wrong. But what about the horrific practice of female circumcision in Somalia, of neck stretching in Burma, or the now abandoned practice of foot binding in China? Should no one have stood up for these children? Should they have kept their mouths shut and let the parents do as they pleased because it's RUDE to interfere with parental rights? Come on, when will people just let their kids be who they are, who they were born to be, instead of rushing to chop their bits in the name of vanity! Until this awful practice is made illegal, or at the very least, stops getting covered by insurance, parents will continue to put their son's health at risk in the name of a foreskin.

LisaL said...

Katerina... you're the prime example of why I felt the need to post what I did.
First... female circ is NOT equal to male circ.
Female circ is done maliciously so the woman can never get pleasure (at least from the clit) b/c they're treated like 2nd class.
Show me when that has EVER been the case with male circ. Show me, other than a few extreme accidents, where a guy has ever been hindered by having his foreskin removed when he was a baby.
And neck stretching? Really?? You think THAT is abuse and someone should stick up for them?
I guess you would FREAK if you ever saw video of African tribes that perform scarification on their infants by cutting them multiple times w/ something sharp.

You don't like circ which is absolutely fine. Different strokes, different folks... but to put male circ in the same category as REAL abuse.... It must be nice living in such a sheltered world where that is abuse in your eyes.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I do find it a bit amusing that you edited your post and removed the apology for misspelling my name ;-)

If you calm yourself down and re-read my post, you will see that I did NOT call circumcision abuse- I specifically said people are up in arms about glaring abuse because that is unquestionable but somehow it's infringing upon parental rights to criticise circumcision.

If this is how you respond to people on the forums, I can see why you have a lot of conflict.

I'm also a bit confused- you don't think it's wrong to cut African children with knives? You're defending neck stretching? Do you know that they will die if they remove the rings because their necks cannot support their heads? What if one of these women woke up one day and decided they'd like to try a different "look" and died as a result?

LisaL said...

Lol I did delete my posts. I couldn't sleep and thought I'd word a reply a bit better than I did.

And yes, actually you did call male circ abuse. Not sure how you think you didn't. No you didn't come out and specifically say it, but implied it.

Although I find the act of scarification on infants brutal, it's their culture. They do not do it maliciously like female circ.
And as for the neck stretching...
Contrary to myth... they will NOT die if they remove their neck rings. In fact they do remove them often to adjust, replace, etc. So yeah, there's that.

And finally... I don't reply to circ threads b/c it's like talking to brick walls (on both sides usually) so I stay away if I can help it. I know how to hold my tongue or well, fingers on public forums which is why I have a blog to rant, rave, vent about what I want without hopefully offending too many :P

And I'm very calm thanks!! :D

Anonymous said...

I really hate it when i've been reading and enjoying a blog for months, only to find out the writer is an idiot.

LisaL said...

*waves* Bye bye then! Have fun reading other stuff!