Friday, June 8, 2012

Sick or something

It's like acknowledging that I may be getting sick made it worse.
I felt like crud yesterday. You know that feeling when you can actually feel a cold coming on? I had that yesterday along with a dehydrated and just overall headachy blah feeling.

And I swear, someone turned the faucet on in my nose last night.
Oh AND... I was hot as hell. I could not get cooled off for anything.

Thankfully I'm feeling better today. Even though it feels like my BP might be up some though which scares me a little.

I did have to mouth breath last night. It's amazing how quickly your body dehydrates just by mouth breathing.
No sore mouth or throat though so yay. Nose is still stuffy, and I have some phlegm in my throat, but I'm feeling a lot better. Just going to try to relax today and drink a lot of water.

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Anonymous said...

Yucky! I hate that. I hope you keep feeling good and don't get sick!