Monday, June 18, 2012

I want money

Lots and lots of money....

and however else that song goes....

We have almost nothing to last us the week. Thank goodness we're homebodies b/c we'd be hurting even more right now.
Dang bills.
And thank goodness we didn't need any meat from the grocery store or we'd be in the red. EEP.
DH gets paid on friday, so just gotta last until then. Won't be difficult but neither one of us like getting this far down in the $$ department, ya know?
It's scary when you see how much you have, and then start thinking "What if!?"

We did go blueberry picking yesterday. That was nice at least and we got a TON of blueberries.
I highly recommend doing it if you have somewhere close to you :) Fresh blueberries are awesome, and there's just that satisfaction of picking your food.
We froze most of them. I plan on making some kind of cobbler once LO is born. OOOO just thinking about it makes me hungry. But then again thinking about any good food makes me hungry lol.
Maybe I'll make some for the baby shower. Won't be able to have more than a spoon of it, but experiment first that way I'll know if I need to change recipes or not heh

OMG DH said the cutest thing yesterday.
We were leaving and passed a family w/ their little toddler girl. I really wasn't paying attention to them b/c I had to pee REALLY bad and was just trying to focus on not wetting myself lol.
DH turned around after we passed them with a huge smile on his face and said
DH: "Man! I can't wait to do that."
Me: " Do what?"
DH: " Take our kids blueberry picking or wherever. So they can pick and eat right off the bushes."
Me: *melting inside* " Awwwww, yeah."

Come on!  If it was physically possible, I would've melted in to a puddle of goo after he said that, and just the huge smile on his face when he said it.
I still wonder how he ever thought he would be nothing but a fantastic father.

Have I mentioned that my baby shower is going to be July 15th??? Cutting it really frickin close!
I dunno why the hell they want to wait THAT long.
It doesn't give us any time to actually buy anything either. I highly doubt I'm going to get anything off of my registry, and most of it is stuff that we would really like to have/need.
If the shower happened sooner, we'd have at least the rest of the time to spread out what we need to buy.. ya know?
Sigh.... not sure what the hell we're gonna do.

Sugar this morning was 90. I ate A LOT of nuts starting at about 9 last night. Thought maybe just eating nuts would be better than peanut butter. *shrugs*
Could just be coincidence. I'll do it again tonight so we'll see if my sugar tomorrow morning is lower again.

Alrighty, gotta go fix something to eat and shower. SiL needs me to drive her a few places today. Hope she doesn't have my neices with her.
I know that sounds SO mean, but yeah.... if you spent any time with them, you'd hope for that too rofl.
I love them to death, but can only take so much of them right now :P


lisabttc said...

Ugh, I hate when we are cutting it close to payday! Sucks! It's hard when you're doing fertility treatments or preparing for a baby.

Aww, I love what your DH said :-D That's so cute. Mmm, fresh berries are amazing!

Jen said...

Your DH is just so sweet! I feel you on the shower thing . . . mine is July 14th! I'm technically full term (37 weeks) on July 15th! I have a feeling she won't be coming anytime near there, but I'm also afraid that we won't have enough time to purchase essentials (mainly the cloth diapers).