Saturday, June 30, 2012


Forgot to mention...

I'm so proud of DH!
He's been trying SO hard to lose weight and it is finally showing on the scale.
I could tell he was losing weight just by looking at him, but you know how that is. You want to see some proof on the scale and now he finally has that.
He was stuck at 212 for a while... a loooooong while and is finally down to about 200! YAY!
Just so happy for him :)

Speaking of weight.... I think I'm still losing weight. Weighed myself yesterday and I was at 208. Day before was 207.
I have plenty of chunk to lose so I'm not worried about that, but just hope that Zoe is getting what she needs still.
It will be interesting to see what my weight is after she arrives. I know I shouldn't be worrying about it, but I hope it's less than what it was when I got pregnant lol. With all of the junk food I want to eat after giving birth... even if I do end up lighter.. I'll probably end up gaining it back hehe.

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