Tuesday, June 12, 2012

31 weeks!


These weeks are DRAGGING. Geeze.
I thought the first tri was bad.... well no I take that back.. the first tri was AWFUL... this is a cake walk compared to that.

Anywho.... bump photos!
Comparing today 31w with 26w since I'm wearing the same top in them both
I tucked the shirt under my bewbs a bit to get a better shot of the bump.
It's a bit bigger but really not by much.

I'm sure the modified diet I've had to go on is helping w/ that. She's gaining weight (hopefully), while I'm losing.
Weighed this morning and down to 208 when I was up to about 212.

I know I shouldn't be worrying about this, but I hope this means I'll get back down to pre-preg and then some weight after giving birth. Well not RIGHT after... you know what I mean :P
Everything is good here so far. Going to work on some nursery stuff today. Hopefully get the 2 moons finished. Start thinking of the other wall thing I want to do, but have absolutely NO ideas for lol.

Erm what else.... feeling ok. Sleeping pretty well. It still takes me a while to get to sleep, but it's a restful sleep for the most part. Can tell that I'm starting to become a bit more tired though. Just that feeling of not wanting to get up, eyelids heavy etc.

Shortness of breath sucks. Getting that a lot more often now which isn't fun. If I recline back any wherever I'm sitting... I guess she takes the oppurtunity to stretch out, or my internal organs do or something, I dunno, b/c that's when the breathing problems start and I start breathing like I just got done exercising.

I wish I were a bit thinner. That way when she pokes her butt up against the front of my stomach, we'd be able to see the outline of it lol.
GAH I love it when she does that. This big lopsided hard lump... I love rubbing it and feeling her move.

I can not wait until she's here!!!

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lisabttc said...

Looking good, momma!!! She is up high now!