Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bad start

Woke up crying today :(
Stupid hormones making me dream something upsetting!!

Was having a dream where DH was cleaning out a very old dusty dirty closet. For some reason, we started arguing, and he said something that just completely broke my heart.
I actually don't remember what it was now, but I remember in the dream asking him why he would say such a thing and him not answering.
I got so upset in the dream that it woke me up, and still being upset over it, I started crying :(

That's never happened before. I've had dreams that have caused some upset, but never one that actually made me cry. Sigh....

On a lighter hairier note... I also keep dreaming that I'm super hairy!
Last night it was my pubes. I was trimming them and kept clogging up the electric razor w/ hair :P
And then I dreamt that I had these SUPER long hairs growing out of the back of my knees that I couldn't pull out for the life of me. o_O

Oh I forgot to mention that DH has picked Olivia for the middle name :D
He eliminated all of the other names off his list and well, that was the only one left heh. I had a feeling it was going to be Olivia from the start, but think DH hesitated b/c it is such a popular name. It's just a middle name though so shouldn't be a problem with that.

Made the curtain things yesterday. Actually made 3 of them, but didn't like what I had done for the first one and it was too jacked up to salvage so just made 2 more heh.
They're nothing special and look SO SO bad up close, but meh... I don't think it's too bad for someone that can't really sew hehe

Going to work on the moons today.
I have SO many things I want to make.... but gonna get those moons done first before starting on anything else.

And finally... I THINK we may be getting the crib this weekend. I'm still not sure though. I think DH is as anxious to get it as myself, but I guess it depends on the bills we need to pay.

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lisabttc said...

Omg, I had to laugh about the hairy dreams!! That is so funny! Aww, sorry about the bad dream. I've had something similar to that happen before. I love the middle name!! Very beautiful. Those curtains look super cute!