Friday, June 15, 2012

Holy crap

Was looking on facebook really quick as I usually do just to see what's going on etc.

See from one of my DD buddies (also a long time friend from a buddy group so we were friends on FB already)..... she's given birth!!!!
She was only 2 weeks ahead of me, pregnant with twin girls. HOLY CRAP.
The photos of each of them are SO adorable though and they look good.
I hope she and her girls are doing great!

It just came as a complete shock. I saw her name, saw the photos and my eyes bugged out of my head.
Boy, that really makes this whole thing a lot more real and makes me realize that... August is not that far away! Hell, that's IF I make it to August.
I don't think I'll be giving birth super early, but I still feel that she's going to come earlier than my due date.
I'm sure that's a common feeling though..... maybe? *shrugs*

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