Friday, June 8, 2012

Colostrum? YAY!

So been sitting here massaging my boobs lol.
I dunno, just got it in to my head that maybe it would/could help with colostrum coming in.
Seems there's some in there though.
Read a helpful post while googling.
Massage boob for a bout a minute, then kinda slowly squeeze around your aereola and sure enough... some came out.

It's not the consistancy I imagined though.
It's yellowish and clear... and has the consistancy of EWCM almost.... maybe stickier. Very strange.

Anywho, it makes me feel SOOOOOO much better to know that there is something in there ready for the LO.


Melody said...

Haha I was sooooo excited when I realized I have some too. Us mons are hilarious. No one else would squeeze their boobs and squeal with delight

Kellie Rose said...

I woke up from a nap two days ago with it all over my boob. And now since then it's constant. I don't even massage them, it's crazy. especially my right nipple...LOL it seems to leak nonstop.

lisabttc said...

Wow, that's interesting!!