Monday, June 11, 2012


Grrrr... damnit... as soon as I typed in the title of the post I completely forgot one of the things I wanted to mention!
Lets see if it will come back.....

Anyway.... so as I mentioned.... I'm becoming jealous of women that are giving birth or close to giving birth to their LOs. It's so ridiculous b/c I know I'm gonna get there eventually, but MAN!! I just want my healthy baby girl already!!

BUT with that being said... my oh so 'mature' side comes out and I see women that aren't as far along as myself and feel like I want to point and laugh at them b/c well.. they're not as far along as I am :P rofl
I feel SOOOO frickin juvenile right now about all of this.

I feel like Eddie Murphy in his old comedy joke where he's a kid and taunting the other one "I got some ice cream and you don't got none."
Except mine would be more of "I'm further along than you and you got to wait longer..."
Well.. mine doesn't flow very well, but you get the point ;)

Ah yes... not a shining moment for myself *hangs head in shame*

I haven't done anything today... woo! That only deserves a little woo.... *nodnod*

Our cat gets it in to his head to crap on the rug outside of his litterbox. And since it's in the sunroom where all of my craft stuff is set up and I'm having to mouth breath.. yeah... I'm not going in there to possibly taste cat shit in the air. BLARGH!

I couldn't pick it up even if I wanted to. W/ the pet gate, and where it is... I wouldn't be able to reach it. I would pick it up if he had done it closer to the gate though.

Just glad he's stopped crapping on the actual carpet though.. and no more pee spots which really makes me happy. Damn cat.
DH and I are both in agreement that this will be our last cat (at least for a very long time).

Don't get me wrong... we both love cats to death, but the way this cat is... and him not even being a 'bad' cat... we just don't want to deal with another that could possibly be worse. One that sprays everywhere or tears up the furniture or something... ya know.
Dogs are so much easier! Well.. most of the time!

I really need a kindle. I want to buy SO many books, but they're all SO expensive!
Should try to convince DH that a kindle would be like cloth diapers. Expensive up front but well worth it to save money in the end hehe.
Maybe eventually after LO is born.
We still need to get a recliner... NM all of the baby stuff.
Not sure when DH wants to get the recliner. Not this week since we just finished paying for the crib (and he doesn't get paid this week). Maybe not next either... so would probably be in a month maybe?
I'll ask him.

I wish I knew how to knit!
We bought some Star Wars amigurumi patterns off etsy to give to MiL to make for us. If she can make them, I'd like to make our own mobile out of them. That would save a little money for us in the long run and would def fit with the room too and just be plain adorable!
GAH I love those Amigurumi things! If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, just google it. They're SO frickin adorable!
I'm seriously going to have to learn. Look up how tos on the net or buy a book or something.
I'd be making those things all day long... well.. while LO is sleeping or something hehe

Grrr... I still can't remember what I forgot :( Maybe it will come to me by tomorrow at least. I really need to carry around a notepad or something and just write down reminders or something b/c I seriously forget SO many things right now it's not funny.... ok so well it sorta is sometimes.. but still frustrating!

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