Monday, June 25, 2012

So stubborn!

Zoe that is lol.
Went to DH's aunts house last night. She just invited a few family over to eat.
Zoe was moving around a little, consistant enough that I thought that others would be able to feel it.
And of course as soon as MiL put her hand on the bump, she stopped and as soon as she took it off, she started again :P

It's so funny and weird that it seems like she can sense it heh.

I thought I wouldn't want anyone touching my bump except for DH, but I honestly didn't mind at all. Now if they felt the need to glue their hand there for more than a few minutes that would annoy me lol.

MiL said that SiL wouldn't let anyone touch her bump. I thought that was weird. I mean I can understand strangers.. I still don't want that, but her own mom? Eh whatever.

Still no photos of the baby stuff yet. I swear I'll get photos today. It's nothing spectacular or anything, but I still like showing it off hehe.
We're headed to a couple of stores today and hoping we'll pick up a couple more outfits! MUAHAHAH
I know I know... I'm pathetic, but so is DH! He sees a bunch of stuff and just starts grabbing and then asks me if we should get it and I have to be the grown up and say no... or weed it down to just one heh.

It's weird... the bigger my bump gets, the less I'm worried about how I actually look. Or no.. that's not right.. the more I want to accentuate the bump.. even if that means wearing girlier clothes.
Like right now... I'm wearing a women's t-shirt from old navy.
NEVER would've happened before b/c I hate showing off my fat arms.
I'm still not comfy with it now, but the shirt is so nice and snug around my bump and it looks cute.... even with the huge jelly arms :P
It is a pretty darn comfy t-shirt though. One of those thin cloth ones that are nice and light weight. Perfect for this hot ass weather.
Wish I had some better shorts to wear. Been living in yoga capri pants whenever we go out. Always feel like I'm camel toeing in these things even though I know I'm not since I have on undies and a panty liner.

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