Friday, June 29, 2012

Sneaking up on me!

Gosh, everything is just really hitting me to how close the end is!
34 weeks next tuesday! YIKES!
It's like the 3rd tri started off SOOOOOOO slow, and then BAM! It sped up like crazy! I feel so prepared but SO unprepared too.

Think I'm going to start getting my hospital bag together. Not going to be much in it since I don't have to worry about a laptop, ipad or any of that expensive mess. Geeze... we wanted to buy a new camera before she was born. Not sure if that's gonna happen now. Nothing wrong with the camera we have, it's just a few years old and doesn't take great quality photos. Sad when an actual camera is worse than a camera on a iphone heh.

The cameras we've been looking at aren't that expensive, but add that in with the recliner we also want to get, and the ceiling fan and whatever else we still want to get.... EEP... it's gonna add up!

Just man.... feels like we still have so much to do!

Zoe had a taste of some caffeine last night. Been having a craving for some Dr. Pepper. So we bought a case of diet Dr. K (kroger brand). I finally had one last night and when I went to bed, she was just an active little monkey in there lol.
May have to chug down another one before my appointment on Monday or Thursday :P Probably be best for thursday since the NST is to test her heartrate etc when she's active I think. We'll see.

Alrighty... while I'm waiting for my lunch to cook, gonna go work on nursery stuff. Worked on it ALL day yesterday and barely got anything done. It's just so time consuming what I'm attempting to do.

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