Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hmmm... maybe..

Maybe I do get that "White coat syndrome" whenever I go to the doctor. I am usually anxious when I go, but it never felt like my heart rate went up any.

I just busted out our BP monitor. TOTALLY forgot we even had it.
Checked my BP twice and it's totally "normal". First time was 111/69, next time was 112/69.
And when the nurse came over from the insurance thing... my BP was also in that same range as well.
But at the doctor's office, it's always in the 130/70-80 range.

Now that I actually remember that we have it, I'll keep an eye on my BP, especially those instances where it feels like it's pounding. Will write it all down too and take it in w/ my fasting numbers on Monday.

Speaking of fasting number or well, checking my sugar. I hope they don't make a fuss about me not checking my sugar after meals. There hasn't been a reason to IMO. I've still been eating really healthy. Haven't loaded up on carbs or sugary crap at all so just haven't seen a point in it.
Now on Fridays when we go out to eat, if I order something questionable, I'll check then, but home-cooked meals... meh.
I'll probably start checking randomly though. Just to make sure my body is handling the healthy stuff just fine still. No telling what my body is gonna do next.

I've been having loose stools lately too. It's switched from loose to normal poops.
I thought at first it was something I ate, but now... *shrugs* I have no idea what would be causing it.
I'm not eating anything that irritates my stomach. Not getting any kind of stomach aches that would warn me that I'm about to have to use the bathroom.
I get a normal urge to go #2... go and it's either loose or normal.
No idea.. hopefully not a sign that something is wrong.

Embarassing to admit to but I've been dribbling a little bit of PP after going to the bathroom.
Can never seem to empty my bladder completely. So after going and wiping, I stand to pull up my undies and more times than I want to admit, I've felt a trickle of pee going down my thigh.
It's only been a little bit thank goodness but still gross and embarassing lol.


Shari said...

You haven't peed your pants while sneezing yet??? I had that happen as early as 20

ZomGal said...
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LisaL said...

Lol, I've peed myself a little bit from sneezing and coughing before. I wear panty liners all the time though so thankfully it catches the little bit that comes out.
I've only done it a handful of times and always at home so no embarassing public accidents :P hehe

Breanne said...

I have white coat syndrome.. When I go to the Dr i feel my heart beating through my chest and in my ears and then after the visit it subsides.. I tell the dr to take it then but she is always like no you need to see your regular dr for that. I know my bp... my dr is just a lazy jerk!

Best of Luck! Btw I love reading your blogs.. I found your blog last month and I just caught up with all of your pregnancy!!! YAY