Thursday, June 28, 2012

If a website had a neck, I would strangle it!!!

The Kawaii diapers website that is.
I've been waiting how long now for those Little green baby bamboo diapers?? I think AT LEAST 2 months.
Contacted them and always got, "End of the month" when they were supposed to get more in.
FINALLY they had an actual date to get more in on the 25th. More of the ones they already had and more color options.
So they changed the date to the 27th. Ok not that bad, but it would've been nice to know that before wasting my day waiting.
Yesterday arrived...... nothing nothing nothing until a bit after 1pm. A new photo is posted of a black diaper. Ok that's a new color.. but where are the others? AND you can't even choose the black diaper when ordering so WTF?
So I wait and wait and wait.....Nothing once again. Just the same old fabric that they've had all along.
DH comes home, talk to him about it and we decide to just order some.
Well thank frickin gawd I did b/c they're now SOLD OUT.
Hell even when I was ordering.. I wanted 18 diapers... but had a message come up saying that they didn't have that many in stock!!
What.... the.... FUCK.

How is that ANY way to run a fucking business???
Promising more colors, posting up ONE and then not even giving an option to pick it.
Delaying delaying delaying with absolutely NO explanation.

I'm not ordering anymore. We're gonna be 6 shy from what we wanted total, but I don't care. I'm not ordering anything else from them.

In other news... while waiting for that crap yesterday... worked on some nursery decor. Got a lot done w/ what I was doing but still have SOOOOOO much more to do. I'm enjoying it though. Just need to stop neglecting cleaning the rest of the house to do it lol.

Med is working well. Sugar this morning was 78. Need to remember to eat a larger snack at night. I remember to at the last minute and I don't want to eat too much before going to bed so have only been having a spoonful of peanut butter.
Hopefully I'll remember to eat something tonight. Not sure if we actually have anything though. Maybe some nuts, but meh. I'm getting all nutted out. Hmmmm.... hope that didn't sound as pervy as DH's voice in my head made it sound :P


Katerina said...

Omg, disposable diapers!! Pampers swaddlers are the best thing ever invented and they are really cheap if you get them through "amazon mom." I had every intention of cloth diapering before my son was born and it just went by the wayside. Being a new mother is sooooo overwhelming and tiring, I just didn't want to be washing poopy diapers on top of it all. I started making justifications that one more child adding diapers to the landfill wasn't THAT bad ;-) Whatever you decide on, just be open minded, you could also do a combination of cloth and disposable. Disposable will probably be easier at night time and when you are out.
BTW, I have since found out that my fasting blood sugar is high too, grrrrr. I was borderline during pregnancy for GD, even though my fasting blood sugar before pregnancy was in the mid 70's. Now, I've been using a glucometer and my fasting glucose these past two days has been around 99. WTF. I had a snack yesterday and an hour later my glucose was 165. I didn't think it was supposed to go over 120? am I right? Did you ever find out your thyroid numbers? Apparently, thyroid medication can also cause your glucose to spike.

LisaL said...

DH has said he would like to use disposable when we go out, but I would still rather stick with cloth diapering. We'll see how it all turns out soon enough :)

As for fasting. Yeah it's a PITA when it's higher than it should be. Sucks b/c you can't really control it.
165 seems really high after just a snack.
Not sure what it should be after eating just a snack, but 2hrs after a meal, for my OB office, it should be under 120.
What did you eat as a snack?

Nope, never found out what my thyroid #s are. I never remember to ask for it.