Monday, June 11, 2012

Finally updating!

Sorry for the delay. I don't like getting on the computer much when DH is home for some reason *shrugs*
Helped that we were in and out of the house and busy doing things when we were here.

Anywho.... photos time!!!

First up, the cute onesie SiL (brother's wife) bought for Zoe that I kept forgetting to get a pic of...

And the adorable Pooh toy that MiL bought. DH and I frickin love this thing. I mean come on, you know a guy loves it when he uses the word adorable to describe a TOY rofl
It's not even anything special, but *shrugs*

And nursery shots! YAY!
It's not done yet. We still need to add some details and ceiling fan, eventually put in the glider/ottoman etc, but overall it's pretty complete.

View from the door

Dressers. The white one we bought, the brown one DH has had his entire life

We bought the shelves at Kmart and added them to the dresser to store some of the cloth diapers in. Only put the smaller sized ones in there for now. The larger diapers are in the bottom drawers :)

Closet. I washed all of the NB-3m sized clothes and put them in the drawers and hung up all of the larger stuff.
We def do NOT need anymore 3m old clothes lol. That's the majority of what we've bought heh

The mural again. Photo turned out blurry for some reason but meh.
We bought some spray glue to see if that would work and it seems to be so far thank goodness. Need to go in and touch up a few spots. We also need to buy another lightsaber for the right side of the wall.

And the crib. It's HUGE!! It looks so small in the store, and then get it home and yeah, it's humongous lol.
It's so awesome though and so nice!
I'll get a better photo of it again eventually. Just wanted to put the blanket, bumper etc in there to see how it looked.
It's a Baby's Dream Sugar crib. We spent a frickin ass ton on it, but hopefully w/ the convert railings we bought for it too, it should last her until she's moving out of the house.

Heh... DH went a bit crazy buying more cloth diapers! lol
He helped me organize the diapers a little bit and yeah, I guess the bug bit him and he wanted to look at all of the chinese diapers on ebay.
He did and welp... we should be getting about 5 or 6 more in in a month or so lol.

We do need to buy a lot more of the smaller sized ones. Frickin Kawaii diapers though. I want to get a few more Little Green Baby Bamboos, but they're not getting them until the end of the month.
DH's words... "We need about 18 more".... me... O_O
He's right, but still.... it's SO much money up front when we've already spent a ton so far on them. I know in the end it's gonna save us money, but right now... it hurts buying them lol.


Shari said...

Looks awesome! It is such a relief to have everything set up! I remember putting the crib together and feeling awesome and then I couldn't get myself to put the baby in there until she was four months old.....crazy hormones!

LisaL said...

Danke :D
I can't wait to put the baby in her crib!!
She's gonna be sleeping in the bedroom w/ us in a bassinet at first, but I think during the day for naps, I'm going to put her in her crib.
Of course I say that NOW... no telling how I'll feel when she arrives. I probably won't ever wnat to put her down hehe.

Anonymous said...

Get out!! I just realised you PAINTED that mural! Are you serious? what a talent!