Monday, June 11, 2012

Hospital bag

Don't have one yet, just wanted to mention my surprise as to how many women actually want to pack up their makeup, blow dryer, straighteners with them in their hospital bags lol.

Don't get me wrong, I love makeup and used to wear it ALL the time. I'm just too lazy to do it now :P
I love blow drying and sometimes straightening my hair... once again when I'm not too lazy to do it.

*shrugs* I guess if I was a bit more girly I'd be bringing it too.
But yeah... I'm not. I'll just look totally jacked up in the photos that are taken rofl.
All of the photos will look like I should be calling the underside of bridges my home... and I stop everyone that wants to pass until they answer my riddles :P lol

It's all good though so long as DH and little Zoe are in them looking adorable :D

Made some chili last night and YUMMO!
It's Primal Chili... er well.. the base of it is at least heh
I use the all of the spice measurements, but then change everything else.

Some of the changes...
4 cans of diced tomato
4 cans of organic kidney beans, drained
1 can of tomato paste
salt salt salt
1 onion
jalapenos (6-8) instead of pasilla peppers if the pasilla's aren't available
green bellpepper instead of red (cheaper)
No cinammon
No beer
No chipolte chilis
No vinegar

Cooking instructions are the same though.
Dice up the peppers & onion. Saute in coconut oil (or olive if you prefer) until soft.
Add in garlic.
Add in meat & brown.
I don't bother draining so once browned, add in spices, tomatoes, beans. Stir well.
Cover and simmer for 1.5hrs.
Well actually, I cook covered for around 30mins, go to stir and then just leave it uncovered the rest of the time. It helps to eliminate some of the extra juice so the chili isn't as soupy.

Anyway... YUM! I'm usually not a big fan of chili. I mostly just fix it b/c DH really likes it, but MAN... I tore it up last night lol.
Had 2 big bowls of it and just ate some left overs for lunch.
It makes a ton too (w/ my modifications) so you can eat left overs or freeze and save whatever you have left for further down the road :D
I'm totally going to be paying for it though. The last bowl I had last night and leftovers today... I added in some pickled jalapenos and.. man.. they tear up my stomach. I love them, but my body does not! rofl
So I fully expect to be making quite a few visits to the bathroom later.

Yesterday was good and bad.
Good b/c we got to go see a movie (Prometheus), and I got some movie theater popcorn... YAY!
Good b/c I loved working on the nursery some more and seeing DH so excited by working on it too....

Bad though b/c almost the entire day... I felt out of breath. Everything getting pushed up, taking away from the lung space...... I was seriously huffing and puffing for most of the day. My stuffed up nose also didn't help much with that so yeah.

I also started to get what I guess is bad RLP again. Was doing some random household chores.. can't remember exactly what.. and it started on my right side. It was terrible too b/c no amount of rubbing made it ease up.
I finally sat down and it still took a good 20mins for the pain to subside.
I'm sure I was a little dehydrated too so that probably aggrivated it some.
*shrugs* Oh well... I'm sure all of the discomforts will only get worse. Just gotta suck it up.

Even with all of the unpleasant parts though... I still love being pregnant.

Gosh... I am SO ready to meet our little Zoe though. I'm starting to get jealous of women that are giving birth lol. Not that I don't want to be pregnant, I just want Zoe here already!! Or well... here after she's done baking for a bit longer :P

I had a dream last night that I was going in to labor and had her. I started to show photos of her to everyone and she was SO tiny. It was a wonderful dream though!
Now why can't I have more of those.... grr stupid brain ;)

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