Saturday, June 9, 2012


Well, we haven't actually gone out and gotten it yet lol.
I'm so excited by it that I woke up when DH did (our animals start to bug us b/c they're hungry and need to go out)... which was around 6:30-7. Could not get back to sleep so have been up since.
Think DH is taking a shower now. We should be leaving soon I think... I hope!!!
SO frickin excited to finally get the crib!!!
DH already shampooed the carpet so just gotta get that dry... vacuum up the hair clumps that the vac produces and yep.... get that damn crib! hehe

Yeah, I don't think I'm getting sick. I think this is exactly what happened before and it's probably hormone related.

I HATE having a stuffed up nose though when trying to get to sleep.
I'm a bit weird... if I can get at least a little air through my nose, then I'm ok.
But if it's completely blocked to where nothing is getting through, it freaks me the hell out.
I was never like this when younger. I could wear those swimming goggles that come over your nose with no problem at all, now... the thought of that just freaks me the hell out. I would never be able to go scuba diving if it was just the mouth piece providing the air.
So yeah... that happened last night. I grabbed another pillow to prop myself up a bit more and that worked well enough to at least keep the congestion down so at least a little air was making its way through my nose.

I'm drinking water like crazy too. It still amazes me just how dehydrated you get from mouth breathing!
I didn't get dizzy at all yesterday either so think it maybe was dehydration that was causing the slight dizziness.

So, I want to make something else for the nursery. There's a small wall right in the nursery that I want to put something on. Like Zoe's Room, or something like that, BUT I don't want to use the word room.
I'd like it to go with the theme of the room, but not sure what would sound ok.
Maybe Zoe's Starship? eh..... Spaceship? meh no....

Think DH may be done with his shower. Gotta go get dressed. Of course will post photos when we get things set up!

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Anonymous said...

Woohooo for a crib! Can't wait to see it!!