Monday, June 4, 2012


First up...... a photo of the painting thing I've been working on for forever now! lol
I finished C3PO last night and stuck him up! Well, it's Beaker as c3po but yah...

I still have to put in some shadow under him and R2D2, and need to find something to stick the damn stuff to the wall properly (it keeps wanting to curl up... you can see the blue tape I had to put on him)...
but yeah, other than that, it is DONE!
Almost all of the dots are glow in the dark stickers.
I'm gonna try to get a photo of it tonight, but I doubt our camera will pick it up.
It looks SO cool though!

Also, MiL came back from California the other day. Brought back a couple of goodies for the baby.

DH put it up somewhere so I couldn't get a photo of it. MiL bought this adorable soft Winnie the Pooh plushie w/ rattle inside. It's SO soft and adorable.

DH's older sister bought these 2 outfits

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this onesie!!
Too cute and fits in perfectly with the theme heh.

Now this outfit on the otherhand.
I know I come off SO ungrateful when I complain about it, but it's just SO damn ugly. Disney Princess stuff is not my favorite, but there are some decently cute things out there.
This is NOT one of them. It is the ugliest fabric I've ever seen.
Little Zoe will wear it though b/c her cousin has a matching outfit and no matter what it is, they'll look adorable together in it.

And finally, bought these plushie off Amazon. Not sure what we're gonna do with them yet.

Oh, we have a breastfeeding class to go to tonight!
DH completely forgot about it... and HE is the one that set all of these things up.
I remembered that something was coming up soon so asked him last night when our next class was.
He looked at the schedule and... yeah... "Oh shit..." came out of his mouth lol.
Glad I remembered to ask :P lol
Hopefully we'll learn some really good information.

I'm afraid that I won't be able to breastfeed though.
Not that I have any hesitation to formula feed... I will do it with absolutely no regrets if it comes to that, but I just really want to be able to give breastfeeding a shot.
Just don't know if my body is going to cooperate though. With the PCOS, insulin resistance, etc... who knows if I'll even produce, or produce enough.

We'll see I guess.

Gotta work on moon plushies now. YAY! So excited to start that!
Think I'm gonna head back to Michaels one of these days and buy some more felt. Make a few star plushies from that material *nodnod*


~Rian said...

I wouldn't worry about the PCOS, insulin resistance, etc affecting your milk supply or being able to breastfeed. I have all of those issues and have had no problems breastfeeding and in fact BF my daughter for 18 months. I am now breastfeeding my son who is 10 weeks old and have no supply issues; in fact he has almost doubled his birth weight already. :)

Good luck at your class!

Jen said...

I also BF my DS for 14 months with no issues. :o) All you can do is try and get a good lactation consultation.


LisaL said...

Thanks ladies.
That's really encouraging to see others w/ the same medical issues that have no problems at all. Hopefully it will be the same way for myself :)

Jessica said...

I had horrible issues breastfeeding. I think it just depends on the person. But there are things you can take and tricks you can do to help with it if it ends up being a problem.

Anonymous said...

Breastfeeding is amazing but it's HARD. I don't think people really tell you that. My son is 4 months and it's amazing now but it takes some getting used to. As long as you can remember that in the tough times and know it WILL get easier.

LisaL said...

Yeah, I keep reading that it's really difficult at first. Of course I'll never know until I'm actually trying though. I'd like to say that I'd stick with it, but pfft, who knows if I will or not once I actually try.
As I said though, I'm not gonna beat myself up if I can't manage it for whatever reason.

Shari said...

Its hard and I would have loved to keep going with it! Since you know from the start that you will be a sahm, it takes a lot of the pressure off! I couldn't produce enough and had a lactose intolerant baby .....6 weeks off from work is not enough time to eliminate dairy especially with a dh is a trucker. Lol I really hope it all works for u!

Anonymous said...

OMG, you have done such an awesome job with the nursery! That is so cool!!
I hope breastfeeding works out for you! I know it can be hard. That's good that you're not too stressed about it because I know some ladies who really feel bad when they have trouble. To me, I don't really care either way :-)

Melody said...

I just wanted to add that I totally agree with you that outfit is pretty ugly!! Haha oh well we got some ugly stuff too we just put it on our son took a picture and then put it away