Friday, June 15, 2012

Party of one

That's what it felt like Zoe was having in there this morning.
Was trying to get back to sleep after fixing DH some breakfast and she was having a ball in there. Twisting, turning, hiccups galore, punches, kicks.. the works lol. Loved every minute of it too :)

I can't wait to meet our little monkey!
I still can't believe she's already 4lbs or estimated around that.
SiL's little girl was only just under 6lb when she was born and my baby is pfft, almost there lol.
Hopefully my GD won't cause her to get any larger than she should be.
If she sticks by the half pound a week gain, she should be about 8lbs at birth which would be great and perfect :)

It's still SO weird to be talking about this stuff. Feels like I've been pregnant for forever now and it still really hasn't sunkin in completely.
Was talking to DH last night in bed and said "Our daughter".... it was surreal saying it out loud.

3 coworkers of DH gave us a Target gift card. $60! YAY! I can't wait to buy stuff with it :D
Gonna wait until after the baby shower of course.
It's a really cool gift card too. Scratch and sniff.. it smells like soap hehe

Anywho, that was really unexpected but I'm so thankful and grateful to them for the gift :)

I mentioned my high fasting numbers to the OB yesterday and she said that if they continue to run high then they'll probably want to put me on something to help with it.

I asked if there was anything I could do to try to get it to lower some and she suggested eating a protein snack right before bed.
I think when I drank milk that one time, I did it too early, or maybe milk just wasn't enough.

SO I had a nice heaping spoon of peanut butter last night literally right before I laid down to go to sleep.
OMG it was delicious! rofl...
My sugar this morning was only 86 too so hey.. it may have worked.
I def won't mind having some peanut butter before bed to keep my fasting level down. YUM.

I'm still not going to check sugar after every meal. I just don't see the point when I know that the something I eat isn't going to cause problems. *shrugs* After questionable meals, absolutely, but when I eat a salad w/ a meat.. then.. nah.
Saying that probably makes me sound like such an idiot... sigh.

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