Tuesday, June 12, 2012


What am I dreading???
The baby shower

I know I've mentioned it before but UUUUUUGH.... the closer to when it COULD happen (slackers planning it so no idea when it's supposed to occur)... the more I dread it!

Getting free stuff is AWESOME, but having to entertain people... yeah not so much.

I don't want a large group of people at our house. I don't want to worry about cleaning up before or after.
I don't want games, I don't want to pretend that I like some OOGLY or pointless gift, or hell, even remember who the heck gave the gift.

I just wanna be left alone... if ya wanna give us free stuff... awesome, but a baby shower shouldn't be required to get them IMO.
Baby showers are for women that WANT the attention and as I've made clear time and time again.. I do not!

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH I don't want it, but I'm being forced to anyway and it SUCKS.
Yes yes, free stuff... that's the only reason why I'll put on a fake smile (That will probably end up just looking like I'm in pain).... play the stupid ass games, answer the bajillion questions that get repeated... and then pretend to love every single thing given.

Now let me say, I'll be grateful for everything that is given.. I'm not that much of a bitch... but doesn't mean I have to like it all.


Brenda said...


Have you registered at any stores? My sister just had her shower last saturday and she was registered. Made my shopping experience easier because I knew she liked what I got her since it was on her list.

just a thought.

LisaL said...

Yep, I'm registered at Target.
But SiL's baby shower experience tells me that if the same people show up, we will be lucky to get anything off of the registry and will probably end up with a lot of clothes for when she's 4+ yo :\

Shari said...

I registered but for one of my showers I didn't get anything off of it. It was disappointing but I enjoyed seeing family. If I were you maybe hint that you want a small intimate shower.

BTW, you have really popped and look great!