Tuesday, June 19, 2012

32 weeks

Wow.... it's like a snail's pace but also fast as well.

Here's the bump shot
I'm not gonna be able to wear a lot of my shirts any longer soon enough. I can't wait! lol

It makes it look like I'm carrying SO high. I guess a lot of her is pretty high even though I can feel her hiccups and I'm guessing hand and arm movement low.

It was pretty weird last night. Was laying in bed with DH and I was just messing with my stomach during commercials. Was laying on my back just to see her a bit better in there. She didn't cooperate too much but I could feel her mostly on my left side.
So I started pressing on there, and could actually feel her move over.
I mean I've felt that before, but I'm usually sitting up and I guess laying on my back just made the sensation a little different.
She didn't seem to care at first, but started to kick a little after I did it a couple more times lol.
Such a bad momma not letting her sleep :P hehe

My next appointment is on Monday. DH is gonna go with me. Not sure why though *shrugs* I'm still able to drive so that's not a problem. Glad to have him there though. He'll get to hear whatever the docs say instead of me trying to tell him after.

I'm afraid my BP is getting faster though. Most of the time I don't notice it, but it's starting to feel like it did before w/ moments where it feels like it's pounding.
Not sure what sets it off but it's such a worrying feeling.
My BP was high last appointment, but I chalked that up to just being excited about the u/s. We'll see what it is on MOnday.
Guessing if it's high again the OB will mention it, if not, I will.

My fasting sugar also isn't doing what it should. Ate more nuts last night and sugar this morning was still 100 so yeah, eating isn't cutting it.
I'm good with going on something, but it still sucks that at least that part can't be controled by diet.
Oh well oh well...

Oh I forgot to mention this.
On Sunday we always go grocery shopping. Ran in to a family friend there. Some old woman that I can't even remember her name.
She's sweet... most of the time.
We stop quickly to say hello to her. She asks how I'm doing and I say good.
It's all innocent until she says
"Girl, right?"
DH and I both nod.
" Oh well.... boy next time then."
We both sort of chuckle, but she gets this serious look on her face and says
" No really, have a boy next time."

Seriously?? Now I would love to have a boy next, but it's not like we can actually control that shit and to just blow off having a girl with an "Oh well". UGH.

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