Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Have I said how much I dislike facebook???
Well I REALLY dislike facebook!
I go on every day for a couple of minutes just to see what's going on with my due date group and if any fam posted any new photos.
I never used to go on it though. Only created an account for.. well actually I have no idea why. Just because I guess.

Just a few minutes and then I'm off doing something better.

Still... the amount of CRAP people post just pisses me the hell off.
WTF is up with the "Repost this if you REALLY care about me/this cause." bullshit???
Or the "Reply with one word so I can see who really reads this and cares about me."
Seriously??? This shit is getting posted by GROWN ADULTS. I can see an immature needy teenager posting crap like that, but a 30something?? Are you frickin joking?


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Cayman4 said...

I am anti- FB too. I didn't join our DDc online. I just can't stand everyone knowing everything. I don't mean that towards our group just in general. The whole posting "I'm out to lunch with blah blah". Really? I needed to know that?