Sunday, June 3, 2012

BH? Not BH?

I think I've been getting BH contractions for a few weeks now, but never realized what they were.
They only seem to happen when I'm on my feet for a little while.
My bump gets really hard and feels like it weighs a ton. It is not really painful so to speak but it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings and I feel like I NEED to sit when it starts.
I mentioned this on my DD group and someone said that sounds like BH... so yeah.

Baby girl is SO active at night and early morning. Love feeling her moving all around when I'm trying to get to sleep heh. Always makes me so curious to know just what she's doing in there.
I know this morning she got the hiccups. Just feels like a rhythmic light thumping. She had them for what seemed like a while. She got them again when we were out grocery shopping too. So cute!


Nursery painting is almost done! YAY! I just have a little bit more, but I should have it done today. WOO! SO frickin excited to get that finished already so I can work on the stuffed plushie things. Need to look up some info on that to make sure I do it right though. Don't need wonky looking moons hanging up :P

And we may not be getting the crib next week. Have other bills that need to get paid, so it may be a couple more weeks before we get it. Boo, but oh well, gotta do the responsible adult thing heh.

Erm, we bought a curtain and a curtain rod yesterday and more glow-in-the-dark stickers, but that was it. Mostly just a lot of riding around to look at recliners. After the crib is paid off we're gonna save to get one. Pretty sure it will be one from Ashley furniture. That was the first place we went to and DH fell in love with 2. Both about the same price so either one would be good.

Hmmm, feels like I have something else to say but meh, I can't remember.

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