Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh yeah.... it's raging

If the quicker to tear up wasn't a sign... my rage a few minutes ago sure was the ultimate sign of hormonal pregnant rage!

It actually started early this morning.
We've been feeding the cat less to try to get him to lose some weight. Well, he's learned what time DH gets up and will come in to the room and start meowing.  I gently patted him on his side when he wouldn't stop which bought us at least a few minutes of silence from it.
It annoyed the ever living hell out of me though and I seriously wanted to push the cat off the bed.

Anyway, fast forward and our black dog Kiwi has been getting on my nerves all damn day for no reason. Just the sight of her is making me angry for whatever reason that's totally not her fault.

Our pets know when it's time for their afternoon food and she along with the other dogs and cat get excited. Well this totally pissed me off and I yelled at them. :(

The cat is sitting on the table giving me his annoying "feed me" meow even though he has food in his dish and man.... that set me off. I slammed his food in to his food dish and a lot of it scattered all over the table.

Thankfully I realized how completely stupid and hormonal I was being, and even though I was still pissed, I managed to feed the dogs with no incidents of absolute RAGE.
UGH... I don't like feeling like this :(

My pets.. while annoying sometimes aren't doing anything wrong and these stupid hormones are making me SO angry at them for no reason.
Cooled off a bit now but angry at myself for doing what I did.

And to top it all off. My stomach hurts like hell right now.
Had some pork sausage earlier for lunch. I knew I shouldn't have but I wanted to get rid of it.
It's totally not agreeing with my gut right now and it hurts. About to down some tums and hope it helps...

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