Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crocheting etc and stuff

Tried my hand at crocheting yesterday and MAN! I am so uncoordinated! I FINALLY got the basics down, but my stitches are really tight and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong since they're not supposed to be.
Def going to be a long learning process but I'm determined to learn it.

Think I'm going to make some cute little felt Star Wars figures.
We gave MiL the amigurumi patterns for star wars stuff, but there is no telling when she'll get around to doing them. Not expecting her to drop EVERYTHING to do them, but it would've been nice to learn that she had taken the damn patterns out of the car and NOT spilled shit all over them :\

Anyway... I figured in the meantime, make some felt figures and look up how to make your own mobile.
DH wants to just buy one and replace the dolls or whatever they have on it, but I don't think we need all that. Sure it would be nice if it spun or played a cute soft little tune, but meh... just something stationary that spins manually would be ok with me.

Don't have much time to make all this stuff so gotta get to it!

Pretty sure Zoe was laying almost completely sideways this morning. Rolled over on to my back before getting up and felt her across the bump. Think she moves around too much for her to stay like that, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't worry me a little.

Also, early this morning after I laid back down from fixing breakfast. I think she may have kicked me in my ribs. Or well, not really sure if it was a rib kick b/c it didn't hurt at all, but it felt really strong and actually made me jump. *shrugs*

Looks like the med is working. Sugar this morning was 87 so WOO! :)

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lisabttc said...

I've never done crocheting before! I hope it goes well for you :-) Glad to hear the med is working - woot!!