Sunday, July 1, 2012

Have I mentioned how hot it is?

Yeah I know... broken record :P
It's ridiculous when it's already 90+ out at 9AM! BLEH!

Thank goodness for AC. I dunno how the heck people did it back in the day with nothing more than a fan or ceiling fan if they were lucky. Just... UGH!
And it still amazes me to hear on the news about people that are suffering here b/c they don't have AC. Uhm.. what? We're in the south!! How on earth can anyone not have AC? That's an automatic!
Thankfully there are organizations that help those people out, or they can at least go somewhere to cool off... but yeah.

It sucks not having a car! I could take DH's truck out, but I'm just not comfy driving it.
There's nothing here I want to eat and nothing I want to cook for dinner.
Of course when I actually want to go somewhere, I can't.
Oh well I guess. Boohoo for me.

UGH getting comfortable at bedtime SUCKS.
I could not get to sleep last night for the life of me so got back up at around 11 (go to bed at 10).
My bump takes so long to feel like it's settled, and then my brain won't shut off about everything and anything.
Anywho... stayed up until about 12:30 and went back to lay down. NOt sure how long it took, but did eventually get to sleep.
Feeling really tired lately too. I've had restless nights before and still felt fine the next day, but this feels like how I should feel after not sleeping well. Tired and drained.

I did have some funky dreams last night.
Can't remember them all which sucks b/c they were pretty damn weird. I remember one though.

I dreamt about LL Cool J o_O
He was gay in my dream and his partner was some famous football player. It was an actual person but the hell if I know what his name is.
They lived together and had a young golden retriever named Kelsey.
Well apparently, when LL cooks or works out, he likes drawing  Dracula on a window..... Gary Oldman style dracula that is. It's his "thing" as he said in the dream.
His partner was making fun of him and drew something sexual on another window, but this is a big No No that the football player forgot b/c of their dog.
Apparently their dog gets SUPER horny when it sees something sexual and will start humping everything and anything until it's done and well yeah.. that's what happened when it saw the new window art.

And yeah.. that was the dream I remembered........

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