Thursday, July 5, 2012


Nonstress test done and everything looks good :)
They have a nice comfy bed to lay on for the time and turn on a lamp so the overhead lights aren't glaring in your face.
I had to push a little button whenever I felt LO move, they strapped a monitor to my stomach to listen for her heart beat and yep.. that was it.
Laid there for maybe 15-20mins and read.
Too bad not all of the appointments can be like that. Nice and easy.

Had family over yesterday for the 4th. SiL brought over some of her girl's baby clothes that she's outgrown. Some really cute stuff!
Have to wash it first and then I'll take photos of it all.
This LO is gonna have to wear 2-3 outfits a day to wear everything lol!
I'm sure everyone is like this with their first though :) And hey, if we end up having another girl in the future, she'll be set on clothes.

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