Friday, July 20, 2012

WTF is wrong with people

I'm sure as we're waking up, we're probably all hearing about that terrible shooting at a midnight showing of the new Dark Knight movie.

First... WTF. I feel so frickin terrible for all of the victims. I just can't imagine. Being so excited to go see a movie, and then have some psycho asshole come and bring hell to everyone there.

And even though I'd want to see the asshole that did that burn....

What gets me are the people that seem fixated on the parents that brought their children to a midnight rated R showing.
Seriously people??? Because THAT is the big fucking deal here??

Listen, I don't like that people take their small children out that late either, but to make THAT the big issue and try to put any kind of blame on the parents??? Are you fucking kidding me right now?
These people took their children to a MOVIE.... they didn't take them to a gawd damn crack house or some other dangerous location/event. It was a MOVIE THEATER.
It makes me fucking sick that in the wake of this terrible tragedy that anyone... anyone would try to make the victims out to be the bad person... like they should've some how seen this shit coming.

I just don't understand why people feel the need to try to make these poor innocent people out to be the real monsters here. Seriously... who the hell cares what time it was.
Would this incident have been somehow less tragic if there weren't children there too? What if this asshole had done this at an afternoon showing?? I bet there still would be people pissing and moaning at parents who brought their children to see a *gasps* rated R movie.. OMG.

Sigh.... I'm sorry but that really upset me. Probably hormones making me more upset over it but I just don't understand why anyone would be blaming the victims in this.


Stupid Stork said...


People who say shit like that.. really? The statement we're trying to make is "if you take your kid to a midnight movie you run the risk of them getting shot"? No.

You take your kid to a midnight movie you run the risk of them being SLEEPY. and that's so not an issue anyone should be caring about right now..

Kellie Rose said...

OMG FINALLY! It makes me sick that people are choosing to concentrate on THAT rather than the fact that some crazed gunman shot and killed people. Yeah, take the focus off the real bad guy and instead blame the parents. REAL smart. You seriously just said here everything I have been wanting to say and been thinking all day long. AMEN SISTER!

lisabttc said...

I totally agree!! People are freaking ridiculous!!
I'm so heartbroken for all those people :-( They have been through enough without that BS.