Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finally home

NST done... finally!!
Baby girl was being stubborn!! Of course she moved around in the waiting room, but as soon as I was in the NST room... she decided to take a nap.
The nurse trying to find the heartbeat couldn't for a good 10mins. Kept getting it and then it would fade.
Then for the first 20 or so mins while I laid there... I felt her move only 3 times and she wanted to hang out all on my left side, so it started to ache like crazy.
Pretty much nothing came up on the graph so was given a fruit bar thing and some water to see if that would get her moving.
Meh, really didn't. She moved a little more, but not much. Thankfully it was still enough so I could leave.... and use the bathroom!
Was seriously going to pee my pants if they didn't let me get up soon lol.

And walking out to the car... not even 5mins later.. I had to pee again! Geeze.
Thankfully this time it wasn't so urgent.

Anywho... of course now baby girl is nice and active :P

Next u/s is next Tuesday. DH gets to go with me this time. YAY. But he has to work the weekend... boo :(
Oh, he gets to witness the joys of cervical checks. I'm sure I'll hear some nice pervy comments from him after. :P

OOOO I got my 2 wet bags I ordered off of amazon. They're soooo nice and exactly what we need. They're HUGE and will fit in to a nice cheap trash can. Don't need a special expensive diaper pail.
Only thing bad about them is that after about 4-5years, they start to degrade which sucks, but meh.

Now to get the wet bag off ebay to see how that one is.

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