Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Went to the bathroom a little while ago and noticed some blood on the panty liner I was wearing.
Rusty colored, but leaning more towards brown than red so it's def old blood.
I know it wasn't there earlier this morning though.

When I wiped, there was a very very slight tint on the tp that was peachy colored.

I feel fine and baby was moving around like crazy earlier.
I'm sure it's probably nothing but left a message w/ nurse anyway. Just waiting to hear back.


Just heard from the nurse and she said it was probably nothing but cervix being irritated.
Nothing really to worry about since I'm not cramping and baby is still moving around.
But of course call back if I'm still worried about it or it gets heavier accompanied w/ cramps etc.

It seems to have stopped though... at least last time I went to the bathroom. Had a BM so figured if there was still something there, a BM would help push it out and nope... nada.

Was getting kinda scared/excited there for a min lol... but I figured it wasn't anything to worry about since I'm not hving any contractions or anything :)


lisabttc said...

Hmm, I wonder if it could be the very beginnings of labor? Praying for you!

Stupid Stork said...

Hello! ::waves::

Agreed - could it be foreplay to labor?

Anonymous said...

This might be to personal but have you had sex lately??
I know when I was about 35ish weeks and had sex I spotted a little afterwards.

Hope all is ok. Even the weeks after 37 are super important forthe babies lungs and such so hopefully you go AFTER 39 weeks.
I thought for sure I would go early but I was induced at 39w 5d and delivered one day before my due date but he totally would have stayed longer had we let him.

LisaL said...

Nope, no sex recently... unfortunatly for my DH ;)

Even though I want her out, I do want to make sure she's fully baked in there *nodnod*
Would hope that if she did come this early, or even next week, that she'd be ok :)