Tuesday, July 10, 2012

35 weeks

Don' think it has really changed much. *shrugs*  Oh well, so long as the u/s show that she's still growing like she should then whatever heh.

No nursery shots yet. We'll be moving the glider/ottoman in there today and I SHOULD have the moon things done today as well. Worked on the eyes last night. Put it off until the last minute. Really need to get over this procrastinating thing. Don't want baby girl to inherit that bad habit lol.

Coworkers are making DH paranoid. He was told by someone that a friend was told they were having a girl, and out popped a boy.
So now on my next u/s appointment, he wants me to ask if they will confirm that yes, it's still a girl. hehe
I dunno why but just think it's cute that he's worried about it so much.
Yes mistakes can and do happen, but I wouldn't think they're that common *shrugs*
I'll be asking though. Hopefully the tech won't mind and Zoe will cooperate and show the goods.

Pretty much same old same old when it comes to how I'm feeling.
Woke up this morning to use the bathroom. Laid back down and must've moved my leg wrong. Shooting pain from my right hip up on to the lower part of the bump.
Frickin hurt like hell.

Sleep has been meh. Not too bad thankfully, but still not great.

Don't really have any other preg symptoms. At least nothing that I've noticed. My nose is a little stuffy, but I can still breath through it so not worried about it. Haven't noticed any swelling which I'm happy about. I could be swelling but it's not enough that it catches my attention.

My fasting sugar levels are doing something weird. Not sure what's going on but I've had 2 so far above what it should be.
I'm not doing anything different since I started the glyburide *shrugs* The ob I saw on Monday didn't think anything of it. But who knows if this keeps happening. They may have to increase my dose maybe.

Another woman from my DD group gave birth not too long ago. Think she was just over 35w! She and baby are doing great which is really awesome to hear.
I think we're going to have a lot more giving birth in the next couple of weeks. It's still so crazy to think how close to the end this pregnancy is coming.
I'm gonna miss it for the most part, but I'm ready to start this next chapter in our lives.

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Cayman4 said...

Your DH is cute. And if it makes you feel better I had them double check yesterday that she is a girl at my growth scan. Now that's 4 separate times I had them check lol. I just wanted to be sure before taking the tags off all those pretty girl clothes. :)