Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Meat!! & ranting....

First... I am seriously craving meat right now. Still not home cooked chicken, but steak, pork, etc... HELLS YES!!!

Just got back from the grocery store and bought about $40 worth of stuff. They have crab legs on sale so bought some of those. That was the majority of the total price lol. We'll have that tomorrow night.
Also bought 2 giant pork shoulder roasts on sale for over half off b/c the exp date is today. Pfft, I don't care. They still look great and are gonna be frozen anyway so no biggie.

Also bought myself a nice cheap little ham steak for lunch today. YAY!

I would've gotten steak too but didn't see anything that looked good for the price. Oh well.

Now for the rant.
I'm going to strangle my frickin dad..
This is going to be mean, but he is a GD loser and I hate having any kind of communication with him.
BUT he has all of the old photo albums that I want. I asked him MONTHS ago to send me at least a few photos.... hell, even scanning them in and sending me the files over email would be fine. And here I am, still with nothing. Frickin pissing me off.
Good lord I want to punch him in his neck....

/end rant

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lisabttc said...

Sorry about your Dad :-( That really sucks. *hugs*
Mmmm meat! LOL