Sunday, July 29, 2012

Feeling off

So I felt fine when I first woke up, but that has changed. Just started feeling off.
Nauseated feeling but also something else.
Just ate some lunch so hoping that helps with this.


Forgot to mention that I finished the Thank You image yesterday. WOO!
Actually finished it a few minutes right before bed. SO glad to have it done. It looks pretty good. May change one bit of it, but yeah, it's basically done.
Just hope it translates well to paper and doesn't lose a lot of detail. I'll post up a pic of it soon.

Didn't vacuum yesterday. Just spent the day working on the photo.
Need to put up and fold the baby laundry and straighten up the nursery. Tired of it looking like a mess in there.
We're going to Target again tomorrow to take back one of the monitors (probably the one my mom bought us), and I'll probably pick up a few more changing pad covers and whatever other misc items.
We also still need to get a trash can for the diapers and I want to get a hook thing for the closet to hang the diaper bags on.
Still need to wash the one SiL and my brother got for us. Smells like frickin cig smoke. BLEH.

So yeah... that's the plan for today... along with hopefully vacuuming. I swear, I keep saying I want to do it and then don't. Gotta just get it done and over with already *nodnod*

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