Monday, July 2, 2012

1st Monday u/s

Went well this morning, other than me being extremely tired and feeling off b/c my sugar was low.

Fasting sugar was 70! Yikes. I would hate to see what it was a few hours later when I usually wake up.
Not sure why it was that low. I had some regular peanut butter and ate a lot of almonds before bed. Guess I needed more.

AND I slept like total crap. Boooooo
SO frickin tired right now but gonna force myself to stay awake so I'll hopefully sleep like the dead tonight.
Kept waking up with hip pain and just not getting in to a comfortable position. Then, I moved weird or something and good googly moogly, I pulled something far down there that hurt like hell and took forever to feel better again.

Anyway... DH was off today so he came with. Had my u/s done and lil Zoe is getting big! Her estimated weight is already 5lbs 3oz!! Keep in mind that SiL's girl was only 5lb 12oz when she was born 1 week before DD.
So yeah... hopefully she'll just be a chunky little 8lber. :D
All u/s they're gonna be checking her heart rate which was good today.
Amniotic fluid, also good.
If she's practicing breathing, which she was.
And muscle something or other. The u/s tech had to giggle my belly some to wake this little bugger up, but it did the trick and she started wiggling all around annoyed at being woken heh.

We did see her face a little bit. Tech said it was profile, but it wasn't. It was a straight shot of her face but like the last u/s photo we got, half of her face was shadowed.
No good u/s photos to share unfortunatly.

And yep... got my first NST on Thursday. So not looking forward to having to wake up and drive early but meh.
OB explained that they're monitoring erm.. something. She used some term or phrase that I can't remember.
Basically, they're seeing if Zoe's heart rate goes up as it should when she's active.... I think... something like that :P

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lisabttc said...

Sorry you had a rough night! I hope you can rest today or tonight. Booo for low blood sugar! That stinks. Yay for a great ultrasound! Wow, she's big! I can't wait to see her :-) I love chunky babies hehe :-D