Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Any day

This little lady just has to wait until next tuesday *nodnod* But other than that, she can come any day now!
Good lord, that's exciting and scary.

Just want to her to be at least 37w along so we can be elligible to get a couplet care room (baby stays in room with us).

It's so crazy to think that this is all finally coming to an end. Well, this part is and then a whole new experience is about to begin! My mind can not wrap around that just yet lol.

Infant CPR class was great last night. Really informative and I learned a lot. Those infant CPR dolls were HUGE though.
When we were practicing on dislodging something if they're choking.. felt like I was beating the crap out of that thing. Yeesh. I'm sure it's different on an actual baby.... hopefully will never ever have to experience that though.

They showed short little PSA videos on SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome too.
Apparently where SiL gave birth, they make new moms watch a video on Shaken baby too that's more graphic or something. Not sure if this hospital does it too but I wouldn't doubt it.
Really screwed up stuff.

Anywho, just one more class on Sat and that's it. Man I hope that one isn't a huge waste of time. DH has to work next weekend, he has plans after the class on Sat, so yeah.. this Sunday and Tuesday (when he's off) are going to be busy as hell getting last minute stuff.

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