Monday, July 30, 2012

37.6w appointment

So today's appointment went pretty well for the most part.

Zoe is still looking great on the u/s. Still has short little legs hehe. The tech pointed out this snowy looking stuff in the amniotic fluid. She said it's the vernix and whatnot floating around.
Explained that back in the day, they used to think that it def meant baby was mature, but now... it's a 'maybe'.

Cervix check was meh. My cervix is doing a whole lot of nothing, BUT the OB did say that it felt softer and she could def feel the baby's head.

Oh and on the u/s..... Zoe has def dropped. She had to go WAY down to get head measurements.

What else what else... oh... I got my induction date! WOOOOOO!
Obviously they would prefer if I go in to labor naturally BUT, if not... then next Tuesday is when I go in :D
She did give me the option of waiting closer to 40w, but pffft..... don't think so! heh

Actually, depending on what my cervix is doing or not doing on Monday... I may have to go in Monday night to get some kind of thing in to help ripen my cervix.
But yeah... this baby girl is gonna be here no matter what in a week!! Holy... CRAP!

Oh and as for the pain I've been feeling. Mentioned it to the OB but she wasn't concerned with it at all. Just looked at me like "yep, that sounds about right" lol.

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Shari said...

Hard to believe that you are at the end of the pregnancy! If you don't go on your own, I hope the induction goes smoothly! It isn't fun, but you will forget about all the pain once that lil' girl is in your arms!

I remember you mentioning that you will be unable to eat. I don't know if it had anything to do with my GD, but I was able to have some toast with jelly while in labor (after I had been on pitocin for about 4 hours).