Sunday, July 29, 2012

Check that off the list

Folded all of the baby stuff! WOO!
Good lord this child has more clothes than I do. Closet is running out of space! Need to get some cheap storage things to put in there for the crib sheets and such. Crammed all of that in to DH's old dresser but not much more will fit in there if we end up getting anything else.

I think we're def good on crib sheets. Don't need anymore of those.
We could probably use 1-2 more bassinet sheets and def need a few more changing pad covers.

Good on wash clothes and towels.
Use more burp clothes though. Think we only have 3 right now.

Uh what else what else.... I think that's it actually.
My body was not liking ANY of it though. Hell, I was sitting in the glider and was still getting BH contractions that I usually get when standing/walking. I can't flippin do anything right now.

Haven't even gotten around to vacuuming. SIGH! That's my own fault though. Was putting it off and meh.
It will get done eventually :P lol

Aching in lower uterus is back. It's ok when sitting but standing... it's like a sore ache feeling. Tolerable so not worried about it.

Saw my mom earlier for a little bit. She said I dropped some since she saw me a few days ago. I can't really tell but I wouldn't doubt it, especially with the achy lower feeling.

Man... it's just so.. surreal to think that in 2 weeks, maybe less... Zoe is gonna be here and we're gonna be parents O_O.
Holy.... Crap...

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