Monday, July 23, 2012

Other stuff I forgot...

... and probably will forget again before I can post it....

Ok so we went shopping, blahblah.... I was feeling totally fine.. that is until we were in Target. I hadn't had much to drink the entire day so I'm sure that didn't help, but good googly moogly was I in some pain and uncomfortable!!!

As I've mentioned before, I get really uncomfortable BH contractions when I'm on my feet. Well, I started to get those and while uncomfortable, not a big deal b/c I knew what to expect.
Welp, that wasn't all... my lower back started to ache like crazy. It probably looked like I couldn't control my limbs b/c I was doing all sorts of stretching, trying to get in to different positions etc to alleviate the pain and none of it worked!
DH actually started laughing at me at one point when I stuck my leg out and kinda swiveled my hips a bit. Sigh...
THEN! I started getting A LOT of pressure on my bladder and erm... peehole area.  It wasn't a 'gotta pee' feeling, it just felt like I had about 4 or 5 bricks resting right on the area putting pressure on it. SO frickin uncomfortable, along with the back pain along with the BH contractions.

That really really sucked!

HA something quick and gross to share :P
Apparently I ate something my body did not like. So I had a bit of diarrhea last night.
Not a huge deal, just meh, gross. Well as I'm sitting on the toilet, my stomach starts to let out these LOUD growls and grumbles.
One of them was super loud and it must've scared Zoe b/c all of a sudden I feel my entire bump jump like I've never felt before.
All I could do was laugh and then 'awwww' and pat my belly after :P Poor baby hehe
Oh she's gonna get used to it though. I am not shy (at home) when it comes to letting the bodily noises out. And with our new furniture.. it amplifies it considerably lol.
Gosh, I'm such a classy gal ;)

Crap, forgot what else I wanted to mention... sigh. I'll edit when/if I think of it!

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