Tuesday, July 17, 2012

36 weeks!! O_O

Bump photo.... lets compare it to last weeks to see if there's a difference.
Hmmm... don't really see a difference when it comes to position, but I def look bigger now I think.
I have a short torso anyway so it's not like she can move down much more than she was heh.

Some photos of the loot we got on Sunday. Didn't feel like taking individual shots of things. Lazy lazy

Amigurumi dolls, clothes, needed items, couple sheets, diaper bag, etc etc :)

And here's the bassinet that we got from DH's coworker. The Eeyore needs another string to hang it up, but other than that, it's good. Already in position to be used heh

Made a list of things we still need and it's not much.
We still need the baby monitor. DH wants to get the motion/sound kind which I'm fine with. His friend has one so at least he knows it works and comes recommended.
Need to get a few more crib sheets, mittens, burp clothes, trash can for diapers, breastmilk storage bags, diaper sprayer. And yeah, think that's it for the need items. Diaper sprayer can probably wait to be gotten, but I'd rather get it now than wait.

I'd also like to get a boppy pillow and a bumbo seat, but those aren't needed... just wants :)

Feeling pretty good right now. Keep getting a really small stabbing sort of pain in the lady bits. Not really sure where it's located. Figured it's from her head being down there. *shrugs*

Spotted brown after appointment yesterday until a couple hours before bed. OB said it was normal so wasn't worried about it. Still a little disconcerting to see it whenever I went to the bathroom though.

I actually slept really well last night! WOO! Didn't take me as long to get comfy and when I finally did, I went right to sleep.
I'm sure my crap night of sleep the day before helped with that, but meh, I'll take it!
Went to bed with a mild headache hoping it would go away, but no... so I did wake with a headache in the middle of the night. But nothing that a couple tylenol couldn't get rid of.
And yep... just feeling somewhat decent this morning :P

We have infant CPR class tonight.
Have that 8hour thing this Saturday. BLEH. Only thing I'm looking forward to is the tour of the L&D... but UGH EIGHT HOURS!!!! I just can't get over that. WTH are they going to talk about for EIGHT HOURS???
Oh well... just gonna hve to suck it up.


Shari said...

Do you have a swaddle blanket? They were a life saver for us. The boppy is something else I would say was a necessity because your arms will get tired especially for the middle of the night feedings.

During the class they will go over a lot of things you already know, but your DH will learn the spots to rub during contractions. You will get some back rubs out of this...lol

LisaL said...

We have some sort of swaddling er... thing. And a couple of blankets that MiL bought. Forgot I watched a video that mentioned they were good to get so will add that to our list too :) Thanks for reminding me!

Yeah I've read that about the boppy pillow which is why I want to get one. I have no upper body strength so know I'll get tired holding her.

Lol I'm sure we'll learn a lot in the class, but still.. just the thought of being stuck somewhere, uncomfortable for that long. Not appealing! I'd rather be home vegging out on the couch :P

Shari said...

We left our 8 hr class after 3.5 hrs because it was not beneficial. My DH made me sign us up and then was the one who wanted to leave early....lol I wasn't going to argue so we went and spent a fun day out and about afterwards.