Friday, July 13, 2012

Adventures in down under...

This morning was.... scary. lol
Trimmed the hedges and while I could see the majority of what I was doing with a mirror... there were a few places where I had to go in blind.
I know I nicked myself at least twice, but other than that... it's all good lol. I'm sure I have patches that I totally missed but oh well. I'm sure OBs have seen it all.

So washed the microfiber diapers yesterday. I did do it 3 times, but will remember if/when we buy more that they only need 1 prewash.

I made a rookie laundry mistake though and now all of the inserts are a lovely shade of light pink. DOH! lol
Thankfully the covers came out looking normal though... for the most part. I have a cow print one that looks like a few spots may be slightly pink but meh... not worried about it.

Washing the bamboo stuff now.
Never thought I'd say this but I'm SO frickin excited to do laundry! rofl I'm just so excited to finally be getting this done and out of the way! *happy dance*
Going to put in inserts in all of the smaller size diapers later.

I did not get around to packing my hospital bag yesterday. Was too focused on washing the diapers and watching videos on it that I just totally forgot.

About midafternoon... started feeling like whenever I had to pee, there was A LOT of pressure on my bladder, uncomfortable, almost to the point of painful.
Happened all night long as well.  *shrugs*
Doesn't look like she's dropped any but maybe she's slowly making her way down? Or maybe she just thinks laying on a nice big sack filled w/ pee is comfortable :P

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lisabttc said...

LOL, that first part cracked me up!! That would be difficult!! Ouchies at nicking yourself. :-/
Yayyy for getting prepared and doing laundry! I'm excited about it, too! :-D