Thursday, July 5, 2012


I swear people are so damn sensitive.

On a forum, a woman was upset b/c her baby is breech and her doc told her that c-sec was most likely to occur.

Being supportive, I reply that when baby arrives healthy, she won't care what happened. I THOUGHT that was an innocent statement, but apparently not.
Frickin 2 women up in arms claiming that comments like that make women feel bad for feeling disappointed and blahblablah.
Uhm.. What??
I was trying to be supportive. I don't want to have to write a damn essay explaining every little detail of what I meant so I don't frickin offend oversensitive people!

I totally understand women being disappointed if they don't have their dream birth experience. I've read enough stories where women are traumatized or slightly to extremely disappointed.
But I've also read enough from women that had a completely different experience than what they were hoping for and from their mouth (or fingers.. whatever), it didn't matter in the end when they saw their little baby.

Nothing wrong with either one of those, but oh no, b/c I didn't explain it out... I'm trying to make women feel bad and whatever other horseshit people want to read in to it.

Since my DD group moved to facebook, I've been going on it more often.
The more I go on it, the more I LOATHE it.
I just don't understand why people feel the need to post every single damn thing that comes across their computer.
Oh a funny joke, lemme repost it.
Oh a funny photo, repost...
Oh look, a touching picture, repost...
Oh look.. another touching picture, w/ text this time. Oooooo aaaah..... repost
A poem! repost...
A poem I hate!.... repost!


I'm not saying every post needs to be some mindblowing significant piece of work, but damn people.... step away from the Facebook!!! No one gives a turd what FB game you're playing, or some witty little text/image you're reposting or whatever other mindless useless crap you think you need to spam the hell out of everyone with!!

Does anyone know how to stop that crap from happening? I've already put everyone (that posts that spammy mess) on important only or whatever it's called, but apparently, that crap still slips through.

And on a completely random note....

I'm usually an alternative/rock/heavy metal music gal, but once I'm in my car, or listening to something w/ a good sound system....
This baby is going to come out either loving or loathing dubstep :P rofl
She used to kick whenever the bass kicked in, but not any longer hehe
Whole car is vibrating and she seems to be as content as can be in there.
Obviously I'm not gonna be blasting anything when she's born... so gotta enjoy my wobbles and thumping now while I can!

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