Sunday, July 1, 2012

Absolutely nothin

That is what I have achieved today.
Well no that's not entirely true. I did put all of the diaper inserts in to the basket. Was THINKING about washing them but it started to cloud over and it's thundering. Doubt it will rain though. I did look at the week forecast though and there's a chance for rain in the middle of the week! WOO! And looks like it may help to cool down things some... double WOO!

I washed sheets and a blanket... and took a shower b/c I was funky :P
Meh... I did minimal work today. lol

Just don't feel like doing much. I don't want to cook but I know I'll have to since DH isn't gonna want to go out to get anything... damnit.
Oh well... it really is the LEAST I can do heh.

Watched a few A Baby Story on youtube.
Seemed like the majority of the people just wanted to use the show to promote something though. Like the woman w/ her sisters singing. BLEH.... or the guy that makes Star Wars fan films etc.
There was one that was really sweet where this woman's sister offered to be a surrogate. That one was super sweet and had me bawling.
Love watching that crap! lol Well, I don't care too much about back story although it's interesting. I just like watching the L&D part... I'm such a freak.

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