Monday, July 9, 2012

It's all good

Appointment this morning went well.
Baby girl cooperated very well. Wiggling around, practice breathing, heart rate still great, amniotic fluid where it should be :)
The tech was really happy about that... u/s lasted all of 3mins heh. She said it usually takes around 30min most of the time b/c the baby doesn't want to cooperate *shrugs*
She looked at Zoe's face for a little bit which was really cool b/c my LO was opening her mouth and licking her lips. Well I didn't see the tongue part but the tech said it lol. I did see her opening her mouth though and I guess swallowing the amniotic fluid. That was so cool.
Got to see her face a little better too BUT, tech didn't get good shots of it so nothing to share today. Booooooooo
It's like she waits until it's a crap angle and THEN decides to take a shot of it lol. Oh well.

No growth scan this week, but will start it weekly next time. Also next time will start to have my cervix checked. BLEH. I guess it will be interesting to hear how my cervix is doing, if I'm dilated at all etc, but still... not fun having to drop and spread im. Going to have to actually trim the hedges on a regular basis now heh.

We bought a ceiling fan for the nursery :D
Didn't get the expensive one we were eyeballing b/c well.. it's expensive heh.
Just decided a regular white one would work perfectly fine. DH spend ALL day yesterday cussing up a storm while installing it lol. He finally got it done though and it works so yay :D
It's funny... we went with a cheaper fan.... we moved an old tv in to the nursery and DH starts talking about wanting to buy a new tv for the room. Erm... no. lol
I'm usually pretty indecisive when it comes to things like that, but yeah, no. Eventually yes, I would like to get a new tv for the nursery, but right now.. we have other things we NEED to purchase first *nodnod*
So yeah, new tv is on hold until... gosh, probably next year some time.

I'll get photos tomorrow of the nursery. Think we're going to be putting the glider in there tonight or tomorrow and I should have the moon things finished by then so will get some updated photos along with my weekly bump photo :)

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lisabttc said...

Can't wait to see more pics of everything! :-D So glad everything looked good at your appt! I'm getting excited for her arrival!!!