Saturday, July 28, 2012

Short break

Taking a short break from coloring the pic.

Just had an overwhelming feeling of excitement.
I just can't wait for this little lady to arrive. I know it could be any day now and just that fact is making me SO frickin excited.

I keep wondering about so many things.

What will she look like? How much hair will she have? Will she get my freckles?

I keep imagining her with a head full of hair (even though I know from u/s she doesn't have that much). Color is dark brown and eye color... I have no idea.

Will she BF well? Hell, will I tolerate BFing?

My nipples have been bothering me a little lately. Itching every once in a while, but they've also been a little sore too.  With them being slightly sore.. what's it gonna be like with a baby attached to them? heh

I wonder what kind of noises she'll make when sleeping.

Been watching a few newborn videos online over the last couple of weeks. Most are just regular women talking about their experiences, and of course it's usually when their LO is sleeping and it's SO fricking adorable the little noises newborns make in their sleep. Just didn't realize how noisy the little suckers are heh.

Will she recognize my voice? Will she recognize DH's?

She's probably going to pop out thinking dubstep music is her momma! lol I crank it up in the car and working on the thank you pic... that's what I've been listening to as well.
I'm sure she'll recognize my voice, but just worried that she won't DH although I'm sure that won't be a problem.

And of course I wonder and fantasize about a bajillion other things. Like TTC our 2nd. I REALLY hope we don't have the problems we did trying to get this little lady. I hope I'm one of those lucky PCOSers who have decreased symptoms after this. I think going back to a bit more primal (after I splurge on all the goodies I've been wanting first of course), will help.
I know that by the time we do actively start TTC again, I want to be at least 10-20lbs lighter than when I got pregnant.
So that would be 175-185. Still overweight obviously but gotta start somewhere. Don't want to set some stupidly high goal for myself and feel like a failure if I don't come close to it, ya know?
Although some aspects of gestational diabetes sucks... I think it's helped to show me that this way of eating is actually really good for my body and it's really not that difficult to start it back up again. Sure I'm not super strict and will have some flour, rice, etc here and there, but that just proves that this is a solid, healthy, sustainable way of eating.
I really don't want to get diabetes down the road and with my increased risk, wanting more children, wanting to be here and healthy for those children.... I just have to start taking better care of myself.

And finally.... since last night... my lower uterus? has been pretty achy. I'm pretty sure it's just the way she's positioning herself in there causing it. When I got up last night/this morning, I sorta lifts up on that area, and she was def down there. Maybe it means she's dropped a little?
It's a pretty mild ache now that I don't even notice, but last night in bed, it was bothering me.

Anywho... gotta get back to work!

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