Tuesday, July 24, 2012

37 weeks

First up... bump photo!

Looks the same. Don't think it's going to change much more.
I def think she's gotten lower, but she's still pretty high still as well. I can feel her punching my butt and bladder so.. she's def down there.

My appointment today was... annoying.
First was the u/s which went well. Zoe is still looking good and coming in an estimated 6lb 12oz. So even if it's off a pound and she's heavier, that's still not too bad.

Annoying part came after when DH and I were sat in a room... me nekkid from the waste down waiting for the damn doctor for almost 50 damn minutes.
I'm not too fond of this particular doctor b/c even when she is actually there and on time to do her job, she takes her sweet ass time to do anything.
AND she has a really condescending tone to her.
She looked over my blood sugar chart, and right away asked what happened this weekend. I said we were out of the house so that's why there were TWO missing numbers for lunches on Saturday and Sunday.
Well miss fucking attitude decides that I must be an idiot and tells me that I need to take along the whole kit whenever I go out.
First.... Fuck off bitch and do not talk to me like I'm a damn child.
Yeah, I know I can bring that shit along but I chose not to. Why? Because I'm not about to pull that shit out in the middle of a store just so I can check my sugar level.
I'm not out and about stuffing my fucking face with donuts and other awfully delicious crap so get off my damn back.
Plus... it's TWO frickin readings. Not a big damn deal! Especially considering that all of my other sugar levels have been awesome.
Anyway.... just her attitude after making me and I'm sure others wait that damn long really pissed me off if you couldn't tell :P

She checked my cervix and.... no progress. Damnit! I know women can sit at this for a while, but that was still disheartening to hear.
I never thought I'd be saying it, but I am just SO ready to not be pregnant anymore.... well that is until we're trying for the next one ;)
Plus, I just want my baby girl here already. I know that's going to bring its own set of troubles, worries etc, but bring it!
So yeah..... we'll see what happens I guess. Not going to do anything to try to bring on labor other than eating pineapple... but that's only b/c I'm craving it! That and watermelon... yum!

So yeah... annoying, aggrivating doc's appointment. OH I forgot... I'm GBS negative, so WOOO! One less thing to worry about! Was afraid I'd be one of those freak first timers that have a fast labor so wouldn't get the antibiotics if I was positive for it, but nope... don't have to worry about that now. Woot woot!

FINALLY remember what I keep forgetting to share.
I have 2 new stretch marks. Booooooo :(

Thought I'd get lucky any and not get any, but nope. Spotted them a few days ago after a shower. They're about an inch or 2 from my belly button right on my waist line.
They're small, so it's not totally awful, but it still sucks. Hoping that they'll fade once I give birth and HOPEFULLY shrink back down some.

We also got the car seat checked today. DH installed it wrong. Well... it was correct according to our car manual, but I guess in mazda 3's you can't use some strap and have to use seat belts and blahblahblah.
Anyway, the guy that inspected it put it in correctly so yay for getting that taken care of.

Uh what else...... still need to wash baby stuff. Took everything that needs to be washed still out of their packages etc. Just washing our clothes first and waiting to do the baby stuff last. Still have to straighten up the nursery. Put some things away last night, but it's still pretty messy in there.

Water is giving me heartburn. It's not bad heartburn thankfully and it doesn't happen all the time. Just usually after I eat.
Bananas aren't causing it any longer though WOO! Good thing since I'm craving bananas right now. I could eat around 4 or 5 a day (probably more) if we bought enough to support that lol.

My mom wants to take me out tomorrow to buy baby stuff. She hasn't gotten her anything yet. Wish she would've said that before this weekend when we went and bought pretty much everything else :P

Or it would be nice if some place had the monitor we wanted in store so she could get that for us. Oh well.
I'll snag some crib sheets from her heh. Other than those 2 things... don't think there is anything else *shrugs*

Blahblah... that's it from me for now. Sorry for not posting sooner. I'm tired and didn't feel like sitting at the computer long enough to make a post. Bad me.

37 weeks though..... full term!!! WOOOOOoooOOooooooooooooooOOOOOOiiiIiBHHoOOOOO

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